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Champions, assemble!

If you like "City of Heroes," I think you'll dig "Champions: Online." I got to demo it at Gen Con, and they said it was kosher to report on what I saw, and what I saw looked pretty darn fun. First off, the costume creator is quite extensive with several bits unique to this game, as well as more detailed versions of old favorites. It's also customizable to an amazing degree, though I found I still can't live the dream of playing a character who is basically "Silent Bob with superpowers." I don't know when the rotund are going to be represented in an MMO, but fans of "The Blob" and "Bouncing Boy" are going to be disappointed once again. :)

The travel powers are quite varied, with several flavors of flight, from the traditional Superman-style to a fiery aura. I got to play around with jet boots (yep, they're a separate power) that at starting strength slowly increase in speed as they progress through a boost phase that goes from "launch" to "afterburners" to "v-tec just kicked in, yo." They even have "tunneling" as a power. Yep, you dig a hole, dive underground, and zip around the landscape Bugs Bunny style. I want to try teleportation next, as I found my 'porter character in CoH, "Doctor VonPresto," a bit hard to navigate with (I fall. A lot).

I'm hopin' for some more information on the crafting and item aspects of the game, as I'm still a little confused about what to keep and what to sell, and if my crafting skills just stink or if my level 11 dude is supposed to make level 3 things. But whatever the case, it's looking very pretty, and I hope to have more to report on once the beta goes public next week.

Some other quick items:

- Lego people are getting very specialized. And the cows in the lower-right look like they're built to be ridden. Where's my Mongo Lego man to go with it?
- A deviant-artist named "Pixelcake" made these adorable Lego-mechs.
- Chessex is offering micro-metal dice now. Oh, I know, you thought they were offering giant pennies, but instead, we're one step closer to our individual cells being able to effectively play D&D.
- The Indiana School of Informatics had a booth with a lovely steampunky computer on display.
- The Doctor Who merch booth had a nice TARDIS replica adorning the floor. The side seen in this photograph is the "finished" side. My guide at the time noted the back which was open, and I commented that it only looks that way because we're inside of the vehicle. I was instructed to be ashamed of myself for being so geeky.

But speaking of geeky:

- has a large collection of sci-fi stickers for your laptop. I can't believe I hadn't thought of "I <3<3 the Doctor."
- DC Comics has lost a few more rights to Superman's early stories, thanks to a blog post.
- "Star Wars: The Crash of Red 3," now in an extended version.
- I thought I was pretty good at repurposing old items into artsy-stuff. I found someone who is much, much better.
- Before they bring out the remake, let's revisit (with a language warning) the Karate Kid (in 5 seconds).
- Paws is a well-animated action/adventure side-scroller with combat combos galore for those with swift fingers.
- And finally, Battlestar Galactica reboot is headed to theaters, with nothing to do with the recent TV series. Just to whoever is in charge: No flying motorcycles.
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