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Back home just in time to prepare for Gen Con!

Here's a pleasant surprise from the San Diego Comic Con, some fan art (click the image to enlarge)! I was handed this at the Wildstorm signing, and the artist behind it, Leanne Opaskar, tried (hopefully successfully) to glean any wisdom I might have about webcomics and trying to make a living creating them. I hope I wasn't too full of "back in my day, one link from Slashdot could cost you a hojillion dollars, by cracky!" anecdotes, or war stories about hand-coding HTML in Notepad. :) I wish her and all the budding webtooners out there luck as we plow into the next digital age, and the one after that, the one after that, and the one after that. In the end, Penny-Arcade, Sluggy Freelance, and Achewood will have a final fight, their server-mechs shaking the ground for miles around as they decide the fate of graphic joke and story telling in electronic form. Leanne and Mark Opaskar have their own webcomic underway at Saijiki Stories.

Some "leftovers" from San Diego:

- We snuck away to see two films, "Harry Potter," which needed a few bits un-cut from the script (especially how Harry knew how to use a bezoar), and "Up," which was the most "grown up" Pixar film to date, with a lot of heavy concepts to go with your talking dogs and usual animated humor.
- There's a street fair every year in the Gaslamp during SDCC, with lots of crafts and foodstuffs. We snagged this ceramic flute, which looks very cool indeed. I stink at making it produce noise other than "asthmatic person stuck in a sewer pipe," but I'm working on it.
- Other than producing some of the best pizzas in San Diego (within reasonable travel from the con hall), Filippi's also has an "Italian Deli" in the front of their restaurant where they sell these horribly addictive and yummy vanilla wafer-cookie bite things. They're about 3 bucks a bag, which makes them all the more likely to tag along when we head back to the convention center.
- Fantasy Flight Games makes a bag of C'thulhu. Who doesn't need a bag of C'thulhu?
- At a party, I was given this energy shot. I'm wondering if it's the precursor to Douglas Adams' "crisis inducer" technology to increase the quality of productivity?
- has a collection of the best costumes from the con's Masquerade.
- Thanks to Wildstorm for letting me take home the foam-core standee with the cover to North 40 #1 on it, and thanks to Fiona for autographing it!
- Kudos to one of SDCC's younger attendees for an amazing Hawkman outfit.

In about two weeks, we're off to GenCon Indy, and following that I'll be making an appearance at DragonCon in Atlanta! I hope everyone who wants to go can make it this year, and I look forward to shaking more hands and debating the issues of our day (new movie Star Trek vs. classic, Harry Potter vs. LOTR, the usual).

I'm not sure what to make of this, but it looks amazingly awesome: There's a dystopian/steampunk game in the works from Disney, and I think it would make a great expansion to the Fallout series, m'self. At least, that's the impression I get from these images of the concept art. That the game is for the Wii makes it even more twisted, in a way (that's two "safe" companies both taking some risks with this, it seems). Speaking of the Wii, I got my hands on the new game "Conduit" and will most likely be taking it for a spin in the next "Backwards Compatible" strip.

Did I manage to mention Fallout yet again? It must be because the (probably) final add-on for "Fallout 3" goes live on Monday, "Mothership Zeta." They've released some very pretty pictures of this installment. I wouldn't mind if it ended with a saucer-shaped permanent "feature" on the Capitol Wasteland's skyline, a la "ID4." :)

But enough of that kind of fallout and onto another:

- Want to help Top Gear presenter James May build his two-story house? If so, I hope you're good with Lego bricks!
- As far as I can tell, this is only a concept design, but what steampunk gadgeteer wouldn't want one of these pocketwatches?
- Speaking of steampunk... wow.
- And costumers with a flair for the medieval and Fey might have some ideas for incorporating these fluttering toys from ThinkGeek.
- It's got shooting, enemies that detonate in varied ways, some strategy, and your hit points are bullets. Pixel also features a groovy ambient soundtrack to soothe any successful enemy attacks.
- I have no idea if it'll get yoinked again, but here's a cartoon a few of us may remember from Nickelodeon's early days: Housecats. I've been looking for this animation for ages, if only to prove I didn't imagine it.
- I'm all for Star Wars merch, but I think they're running out of ideas.
- I don't know exactly why I want one, but I wouldn't mind owning this eyebrow hat.
- How about a hovertank shooter? Gliding Thunder is a decent enough time-waster. Note: Thankfully, your chain gun has a range greater than the screen shows, so aiming "blind" at something off-camera and listening for the 'kaboom' works as a decent strategy.
- And finally, it's happened, Star Trek fans: we have transparent aluminum. Though I fear we're only going to get clear soft drink cans out of it before the whale-probe thing blows up the Earth. :)
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