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Another t-shirt, yet!

I think I left my childhood memories out in the rain and the sun warped them a bit. Still, it's a pretty good likeness, eh, me hearties? Lots of kid shows went the pirate route, so why not ol' Fred, here? I wonder what he would look like with a full beard and a parrot, instead of that cat hand-puppet? :) Anyway, it's on sale now at Offworld Designs.

And no doubt everyone is wanting the recipe to what Piffany bakes in this week's strip. Well, wonder no more! These little chocolate-chip wonders were a favorite when I was a kid, and I found they were also quite good when frozen. Surely, a delicacy that transcends several universes at least, so bake with caution!

A bit of an update on the Indiana Jones rumors involving those Crystal Skulls. The new movie poster, plus more confirmation of the stuff that's got me worried about the direction of the film are here. I think most will figure it out when they see the poster itself, but don't click if you don't wanna know. Turning to the Star Trek movie, spies have snapped photos of Kirk in some kind of uniform. They're not sure if it's a dress outfit or not. M'self, I always liked the uniforms from Trek II; I wish they'd kept that style into Next Gen, but that's just me.

And since alert reader Errol inflicted this on me, I have to pass it along: The Superman theme, complete with lyrics. Yes, lyrics. Yeek. :)

Good news for fans of the Wheel of Time: An author has been chosen to finish the series! One Brandon Sanderson is the scribe in question. I've never read his work, but I guess I'll become familiar with it soon.

On a sadder note, Terry Pratchett has announced that he's been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. I've recently started re-reading his work, and it's a shame that such an active mind is going to slowly deteriorate. He says he's got several books left in him, for which I'm grateful. And a reminder: he'd love to hear from any highly qualified brain chemists. You know who you are, so hop to it! I'm sure there's an autographed set of books in it for you.

More Torchwood is on the way in mid January (well, on BBC 2 anyway). Details here, courtesy of alert reader Jim. Interestingly, there will be a "pre-watershed" version for younger viewers. I'm hoping that means the producers will have to find plots that don't all involve... "docking maneuvers" every five minutes. :)

Link Christmas bells, troll loud and long:

- Just in time for the holidays, a little blasphemeee, blasphoryouuu, blasphoreverybodyyy* (well, not really): A LARPing Nativity, which takes a decided left turn at what we all saw/did during our grade scholl Christmas programs. No saviors were harmed in the making of this cartoon.
- And for those not in the UK, Max Headroom made one last appearance in the service of digital technology.
- I'd sure love one of these in my stocking: Star Wars toys that never made it. "The Force" one is brilliant.
- Nostalgia time: here's someone's random list of top 10 80's cartoon intros. I think I now see why they thought everyone in Hollywood was on drugs and why TV was bad for us...
- For all the Pixar fans, here's an exhaustive list of Pixar movie self-cross-references. Funny how I never noticed that darn pizza truck showing up everywhere...
- I love Amazon reviews. Scroll down and read some of the ones for a black ball-point pen. Don't miss the C'thulhu reference. :)
- Cats are now rave friendly and might look good with that blacklight Led Zepplin poster from college.
- Fireflies is a game of skill. Use a limited number of rebounding bullets to "pop" your quota of fireflies.
- Since the last one was so popular, howzabout another escape game, but with a holiday theme? I escaped, but I was two presents short...

* apologies to Eddie Izzard

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