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Ps238 #28 is going to press this week if it kills me, so I'd just like to thank the makers of ZipFizz energy drink powder. It doesn't taste completely wrong, I can sip it in small doses, and it's either carbonated or sour enough to feel carbonated, so there's some physical stimulation involved. Needless to say, getting most of a comic done in a week doesn't do wonders for one's social life. I'm enjoying a new monitor setup as you can see; positioning a 22" LCD vertically simulates the comic pages I've used before quite nicely. Thankfully, I'll get to relax at this weekend's "ShaunCon" in Kansas City! Look for a few interesting artifacts/relics from yours truly in the Gamer Garage Sale and the Charity Auction. One of said items even has 5 1/4 inch diskettes from the venerable SSI software company, so if you're a collector of items from the dark ages of computing, I've got the goods for you!

Some interesting entertainment stuff to pass along. found out some potential spoilers regarding the JJ Abrams "Star Trek" film. I cringe at the thought of most Trek time travel (after having seen several too many faux character deaths, alternate universes, or "doubling" of characters), but I like how "Sylar" looks as Spock. And this is one of the powers behind "Lost," so maybe it'll at least be intriguing, and it could give Trek a needed boost.

Also, it looks like "Ghostbusters" is returning in video game form! I might have to put this up there with "Beautiful Katamari" and "Fallout 3" as games I'll have to purchase (along with whatever console they run on, if it's not a PC). With the principle writers/actors lending their voices and creative talents... it's either going to rule or implode in a cloud of sequel-stank. If nothing else, I hope it lets the player blow stuff up real good with a proton pack.

An epic endeavor has come to an end. The motivational poster thread saw its last post recently. I haven't seen a sequel start up yet, but apparently this thread-of-threads topped over 37,000 posts, causing the servers to feel a bit like someone who managed to memorize the encyclopedia by physically inserting it into their skull.

I got to play with the "Eye of Judgment" over the weekend, and I'll be writing a review for Scrye magazine. I can say that it is indeed a CCG (you can trade cards), and that it's a lot more fun than my curmudgeonly "real world card games" heart expected. I'll be anxious to see what else Wizards/Hasbro can do with it. Perhaps a version of Magic: The Gathering is in the offing? And in case it gets edited out of my review: Akira-111? You know who you are. You're a sore loser. I hope you broke something on your PS3 when you pulled the plug to save your stats. Grr.

Links of Judgment (weak segue, I know):

- I'm still waiting for the next "Bowmaster" game, but here's a little tide-us-over archery plaything called Dead Tree Defender.
- As if that wasn't bad enough, here's another tower defense game to destroy your workplace productivity: Onslaught 2.
- Think you've got an impressive Warhammer setup? These guys are truly nuts. I hope they can bring it to Gen Con... :)
- Some slow-mo coolness: A popping popcorn kernel and a hollow point bullet through gelatin.
- Wired magazine announces the winners of the saddest cubicle contest. See any red Swingline staplers?
- The LoLcat brigade should have a field day with these bits of mod-furniture for your pets. Kitties do look cute in a flying saucer, I have to admit...
- Just in time for the holidays, we'll get a plush weighted companion cube!
- A tribute to 8-bit video games and music from a football game's halftime show. If you can't make out what the formations are supposed to be, turn your monitor upside-down.
- And just because I'm old and remember holiday cataloges, here's a bit of nostalgia about 1985 and its 'wish books'. I have acquired, via garage sales, a rather beat-up version of the Voltron toy they highlight...
- Lastly, again because I'm old and need help in understanding the language of the young, here's an online translator from English to 12-year-old on AOL. ITS QUIET DA HANDY 2L 2 HAEV AROUND WHAN U NED 2 3FACTIEVLEY COMUNICAET!11!1!!! OMG LOL

Additional: As of this writing, there's a woot-off going on!
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