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Ps238 #22 is a-printin'!

Ps238 #21 should be in stores this week, if it wasn't last week, and if the reception at Egyptian Campaign was any indication, you'll love it! Ps238 #22 is being printed, and I'm working on perfecting drawing Wil Wheaton for issue #23. He's showing up for ps238's "Career Day," ready to dispense geeky wisdom to the students about their possible futures. We'll also have the first appearance of Praetorian Academy, an organization we'll be seeing quite a bit of in the future!

But in the here and now, we've got all-new FFN and Nodwick strips for your edification. The FFN was inspired by meeting Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo Games, and my subsequent acquisition of the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" card game. It can be played as either a supplement to your Nuclear War game, or as a stand-alone. Either way, somebody's gonna glow. :)

Next week, I'll have the Egyptian Campaign version of "Con in 60 Seconds." I just have to splice together the footage and edit out a tour guide I had who has threatened me with the dismantling of my left hand if any of her shows up in the video (seeing that my right is needed for drawing). My wife has agreed to help in this endeavor, should I break the conditions of my being led about with my camera. I enjoy being able to pretend I can play the piano, so I'll make sure the final cut makes everyone happy.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the appearances of R2D2 mailboxes in many major cities. Since then I've seen two in my neighborhood and refrained from absconding with one by means of a hacksaw and my wife's Toyota Matrix. But the post office has more Star Wars in store! They've unveiled a sheet of Star Wars stamps and are asking the public to vote on their favorite, which will then get its own sheet of stamps later this summer. I could make a joke about flat performances, but I won't go there...

Addendum: Holy Zarquon! I can't believe I forgot the first Doctor Who of this season! We met his new companion, Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman. I know there are those for whom Rose is still the companion of choice, but Martha will do well, I think. She's competent, not a scream factory, and she can give the Doctor a run for his money when it comes to snappy dialogue. It's not a spoiler to note that the aliens are the rhino-headed ones from the trailers, as that has no bearing on the plot (i.e. they could have looked like bipedal road signs, just so long as they could present a threat). I can't think they spent that much money on prosthetics and costumes for us to not see them again, though. Not much was revealed in the way of a season-long plot, so no "Bad Wolf" moments or anything (I think). As a stand-alone it was fine, but I hope there's some more mythology with our next spin in the TARDIS. Oh, and an alert fan alerts me (thanks, Jim!) that Torchwood will be on BBC America, and possibly it'll make it unedited. I know it's not as well-received as Who, but I'm hoping that they've gotten the sexual tension stories out of their systems and can concentrate on saving the Earth more often than not. In fact, I'm kind of hoping that if Torchwood sticks around, they can handle the Earth stuff, and the Doctor can galavant around the universe like in the good ol' days. :)

I've got a link for life!

- While paying for your Star Wars stamps, why not pull your money from a wallet crafted from the flexible circuitry of a keyboard?
- Always wanting to keep readers aware of the latest zombie menace, I bring to your attention the trailer for Fido, which has Billy Connelly as one of the living dead!
- Patton Oswalt once waxed eloquent about old music videos where rockers could change the laws of physics by the sheer power of their rock. It would appear Guitar Hero II lets you do the same thing, at least with asteroids.
- A language warning on this, but this is a darn funny film called Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face, a "behind the music" look at Batman, and how he's annoying the rest of the Justice League.
- Here's a cute game, Chick, Chick, Chick, BOOM! You click a symbol for either an action of defense (blue) or aggression (red), then trace it with your mouse. The closer you trace, the more effective it is. Sadly, the computer gets replacement chicks, while yours get killed permanently, but I find that when one is down to one chick, it's harder for the CPU to hit him.
- An alert reader (thanks, David!) alerted me to some squirrel-a-pulting! While I don't advocate this activity (because my wife won't let me and any squirrels I launched would hit a nearby garage), I must say I can't stand how the little fur-tailed rats dig up everything I plant... repeatedly. I wonder if this can somehow be adapted to bird feeders?

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