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Monday, March 12th, 2012

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More games, more thrones...

There's a new Game of Thrones trailer for your viewing pleasure, and even knowing what's going to happen, I can't wait to see the full show. I'm wondering if this, along with Lord of the Rings, is a sign that serious, dark, low-magic fantasy is what's going to dominate for the time being? The lighter side of fantasy media seems to be the BBC show, Merlin and the odd adaptation of Terry Pratchett novels. I'm hoping that someday we might get a Myth Adventures miniseries out of a studio somewhere, though I think it'll have to be after swords and sorcery have become even more mainstream.

It just shows that you can't always predict the future when it comes to movies. John Carter was set to have a disappointing weekend, as many feared that while it was pretty enjoyable, the public wasn't connecting with it in a way that usually precedes a nice, fat take at the box office. It pulled in $101 million worldwide, and did better than predicted. While still not a blockbuster, I'm sure it'll make back its costs at least, especially once it hits the home video market. Sadly, it'll probably mean fewer sci-fi films of its type in the future, as even successful ones (like Inception) don't seem to get the studios into the idea of trying something other than a sequel or a reboot.

Moving from sci-fi to sci-fi, Here's some concept art from an upcoming Mass Effect animated cartoon in the same vein as the one that was done for Dragon Age. I still haven't gone for Mass Effect 3, seeing as I waste far too much time as it is, it's still full-priced, and I can't get it via my preferred download service (yet). I may have to break down and watch it on YouTube, once the furor has died off enough that EA isn't out killing every walkthrough clip. Much like other science fiction franchises I get into that reach the trilogy stage, my only request is that it mostly makes sense and doesn't contradict too much from the previous installments. Of course, if they all managed that, what would be left to nitpick when out with the fellow members of the Council Of Nerds? :)

Yay, it's spring break for my wife, which means she can help watch the kiddo and I can get more done, like rectifying a mailing gap that has many out there missing books. I'll be schlepping more than a few pounds of them to the post office tomorrow, provided they haven't closed any more since last week. I don't know how it is across the country, but we've had quite a bit of consolidation going on, with the nearest location to me cutting its hours and the next-closest moving into what used to be a kind of depot that only the mail trucks used. I know the post office gets harped on a lot for being slow, but most of the time I'm stuck in line it's because someone has come unprepared, didn't fill out the forms, took several minutes insisting the US Post Office and FedEx/UPS were the same outfit, or (in one really egregious case) wanted to make sure the stamps they got matched the color scheme for their wedding invitations (I'm not kidding). So tomorrow will no doubt be filled with adventure that may give me a little time to stand around and solve crossword puzzles on my phone.

For those who don't know what crosswords are, it's like "Words with Friends" except you have to guess the right words and there are a lot fewer friends. While I go off and play with stamps, here's some other things that are at least as fun, if not more:

- I'm glad to see that Canada is going to take the hit for this one, though I was sure it was from an American establishment when I first read it.
- No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, it's the trailer for Stone Quarry Simulator, a game that I might buy once there's a mod where you have to help film a low-budget sci-fi series in the quarry.
- Rock Paper Shotgun has a list of recommended mods for Skyrim that might make your time in Tamriel a little easier.
- This may be far too cute for some, but Duck Life 4 is a game where you train up a duck to be a champion duck racer (and there are hats!).
- Geeky fingernail decorations have become a thing lately, though while this one is cool and all, I'd hate to suddenly have to pick up change or rub an itchy eyelid with 'em.
- From the "here's why you'll need a new computer" files, Crytek has put out a video of its next graphics engine doin' its thing. I find that if I play video games in the winter, it cuts down on my heating bills for some reason.
- I don't remember much about being 14 years old, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't buying a house.
- From the new site, here's something so fun I had to post it twice: The Willy Wonka "You Lose" remix. I can see this being used to illustrate points at meetings, actually.
- People Who Became Memes are, well... people who... uh...
- I love these kinds of puzzle games: Slicee has you slicing up various shapes (in as few cuts as possible) in a bid to make the parts side/fall off of the screen.

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