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Friday, January 27th, 2012

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Episode III, where someone meets a tragic end...

And we bring the first week of Interrupt Request to a close with episode three. More should be forthcoming, though it might be a kind of "special" episode on Monday (or perhaps Tuesday) due to family commitments over the weekend. Be warned, in this third installment, not everyone makes it out alive:

A new Monty Python movie is on the way! Well, okay, it's not officially a Python film, but it's got all the surviving cast members, it's directed by Terry Jones, has one of the producers from Life of Brian and it's a sci-fi comedy... which Life of Brian technically had a bit of in it, so it should be at least decent, right? Besides, I'd hate for Terry Jones to have Starship Titanic remembered as his biggest attempt at a contribution to science fiction.

Harkening back to the previous post's entry on fantasy's entry into movies, I found a trailer that shows off something else that'll likely hit fantasy film just like it's hit sci-fi. The trailer is for Lockout, which kind of reminds me of the movie Fortress with a touch of Escape From New York mixed in. This might just be something I'm imagining, but when older genres (in this case, an action cop film) get a sci-fi retread, the dialog seems to dredge up old cliches as if giving them a coat of cyberpunk makes them not overdone, doesn't it? I mean, "he's a loose cannon" is a punchline these days, not a phrase with gravitas... right? If nothing else, it'll give a lot of people who know far more about orbital mechanics and other spacefaring facts something to pick apart, which I always find amusing as well as educational. If nothing else, it gives me an excuse to post a gallery of "forgotten" space station concepts.

On the other hand, sci-fi is a great place for completely gonzo film ideas, such as the previously mentioned Iron Sky about Nazis attacking Earth from a moon base that's been hidden since WWII. It's screening in Berlin, it's got a (language warning) cool trailer, and it was a good enough concept that a shady code-mongering entity ripped it off for an iPad game.

I'm off to do more website-retooling, drawin', and taking care of Joshua, perhaps not in that order. If he cooperates, you might get to hear his commentary on an upcoming Interrupt Request, though I might have to fight him for control of the keyboard. Everyone have a great weekend, come back to at least one of my mish-mash of sites soon and enjoy more things that may make your day seem a lot better, like:

- That photo of a diver next to a huge honkin' jellyfish that everyone has been forwarding? It's not real, though I'm not going into the water to confirm it...
- Not to be outdone by American copyright law, a UK court has found that a similar, but not copied, image is a breach of copyright. I sure hope whoever owns the rights to the Abbey Road album cover doesn't get wind of this or a lot of snapshots are going to get people into trouble.
- I hope that if my kid becomes a Lego freak he'll make stuff like the Citadel from Mass Effect. The rest of the photostream has more really cool Lego creations, so browse away.
- i09 has compiled everything they currently know about Prometheus's "Space Jockeys." I'm glad they ditched the name with the gratuitous apostrophe.
- Here's a toy that I'll have to buy for myself for my kid someday: Star Wars slot cars! I have to thank whoever made them for picking scenes from the original trilogy and not the pod race.
- So I never thought "most expensive" and "quad bike" would appear in the same headline, but it's got a Ferrari engine, so I'd say it wins the title.
- Minecraft addicts can have fun with new stuff such as ocelots, huge jungle trees, and new skeleton AI. And a new way to set stuff on fire, which ensures I'll die even more.
- If you spend a lot of time in the bathroom and you have some extra cash, you might want to think about purchasing Moby Dick typed on toilet paper. If you share a bathroom, you might lose your place, so take care...
- I don't think I would have believed it if a random friend had told me that the 10th U.S. President's grandsons are still alive.
- Artist Alex Gross took a bunch of antique photographs and touched them up a tad to show us what Civil War era cosplay might have looked like.
- If you like your point-n-click games on the odd side with lots of British accents, then Back to the Cubeture 2 should delight you. You can visit the author's site for the first one, but I don't think it'll make part 2 any more or less comprehensible.

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