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It's been a an eternity a week or two in the making, but here's episode one of Interrupt Request. Complaints about the writing can be addressed to the fact that there isn't any. The only gags that weren't ad-libbed in this were ad-libbed in a previous take and I just happened to remember them.

The first episode (isn't that ambitious of me to say?) took longer than I'd planned because I was overreaching a bit. Apparently, I didn't have to try knocking myself out using an Adobe product to compile the whole mess. After some frustration with Premiere's learning curve, I thought I'd just assemble the intro bit in Windows MovieMaker to be attached to the beginning of each episode (that word again...). It turns out that I was able to get pretty much everything I needed out of MovieMaker without all that messing around with keyframes, multiple audio tracks, etc. About the only thing I can't do in MM is crossfade audio, but I think it might be a luxury function for now. I also discovered that transition effects that are normally cheesy (though not as bad as the "star wipe") helped my "UHF TV" motif immensely; making a frame drop out of the picture while it's identical twin drops in looks a lot like one's vertical hold is on the blink, no?

Anyway, I hope it pleases, and I still plan on doing more, hopefully once a week or more. The biggest bottleneck at the moment seems to be YouTube, as it took over four hours to upload this thing. I'm also still tweaking the sound quality on my voice track. I've managed to kill nearly all noise in my office save for mouse clicks (it's a new mouse; it hasn't broken in yet), but I still get a bit of a background hiss. The filters on my audio recording software can only do so much before I start sounding like I'm a low-bitrate MP3 of a Vogon. I never did work out how to make myself sound like Barry White, but I'll keep working on that.

If you're doing your own videos or anything that requires sound effects and you don't have a ton of cash to drop on a library of noises, you might find what you need at Of special note if you're trying to make money from your project (or you don't like legalese), you can look for sounds under Creative Commons 0 license, which are items released into the public domain, free of charge or attribution. Neato, I say.

Now I'm off to go figure out what the next script for Epic Campain will be. I wonder if I can convince the editors that we should include some references to the coming 5th Edition of D&D, and that maybe I should "research" my jokes with the relevant documents? I probably don't have the right skills for that and would stand a better chance using a black outfit, a grappling hook, and a round-trip ticket to Renton. Maybe I can get the Full Frontal Nerdity guys to go in my place. It's been a while since they've been arrested, right?

While I try to come up with some gags that might come close to a work of genius, here's some things to help you cope with the inevitable case of the Mondays:

- For once, it's not Star Wars getting all the Lego love, as some brick-meister has built the U.S.S. Reliant in Lego form, complete with lighting effects.
- 'Trek also now sports its own flavor of Settlers of Catan.
- The Megaupload aftermath continues with the temporary deletion of and other large websites.
- Kids today have too many things I was denied. For example, a Dark Horse Comics approved B.P.R.D. Training Camp. They probably get pyrokinesis powers, too...
- If you want to see the ultimate giant spider for your next LARP, click here. That page has a link to the creator's site as well.
- Let it Glow 2 is a puzzle game about getting electrical zappage to light bulbs by manipulating the environment (mostly in the form of boxes).
- Wizards of the Coast will reprint the classic 1st edition trio of rulebooks in a limited edition this April.
- It might have escaped your notice that Ringo Starr will be releasing a new album in a few days. It escaped my notice that he also released one in 2010, but I just can't keep up with the noise that kids are listening to these days.
- A bluegrass guitarist gets a friendly visit from a feathered friend who decides to sit in on the rest of the song (link goes to just before the bird shows up).
- I don't understand what a Russian casino did to the Pink Panther, but he (and a female version) star in a completely insane commercial for said gambling establishment.
- In case the 2012 Presidential Candidates aren't thrilling you, here's 11 you may not have heard about, including a Jedi candidate.
- Because it promotes my favorite action figure ever, RobertCop, here's 23 knockoff products that will probably make you feel better about the purchases you make.
- Adding to the list of "things you probably don't want happening near you" is an odd phenomenon that turned one seafront into an ocean of foam.
- Remember, only you can prevent the worst from happening to a very special class of animals. From the comedy choral group, "Power Salad."
- Start your week with a bang (yeah, yeah) and play Crash the Robot, Explosive Edition. Place bombs strategically to bring each evil robot (we read their blogs and they were up to no good) to a kaboom-y end.
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