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We have music and a logo! The rest should be easy, right?

I think the software package, "Band in a Box" (at least the version I got a hold of) is a good piece of royalty-free music generating software surrounded by a bunch of overly-complicated controls and do-dads to keep musical novices (like myself) from realizing we don't need all those Juilliard graduates. Okay, so I'm being facetious, spouting the equivalent of saying all you really need Photoshop for is brightness and contrast controls. It's amazing how, after a lot of tinkering, all I had to do to get what I needed was to enter some random chords, hit the "Melody" button (sometimes the "Solo" button, too) and then, if I liked what I heard, mess around with instruments. The version I'm using is pretty ancient by internet standards (released in 2009), but eBay had it for (relatively) cheap, and it still works on current systems. It generated a catchy (and suitably cheesy-sounding) theme song for that upcoming "Let's Play" project that I think will serve. We'll see how well my first "studio session" goes when I get everything else finalized.

That remake of Evil Dead is continuing apace, and they've cast one of the five kids who isn't Ash. They've already pretty much guaranteed a spot for her character on this TV Trope page. Much like the JJ Abrams' reboot of Star Trek, this makes me wonder what will come next in this re-franchisement? I loves me some Army of Darkness, but that's mostly 'cause of Bruce Campbell's chiseled-chin charisma and comic timing. Would a sequel to this Evil Dead take us to the same wacky-horror-time-travel place for a sequel? I've probably said before, but I've gained a further appreciation for Army of Darkness after hearing Patricia Tallman speak at a convention. She played the deadite witch that Ash shoots, causing her to back-flip into a pit as well as one of the skeletons in the march on the castle (where she almost pitched into the moat because she couldn't see and hadn't heard the director yell "cut"). Like most people in makeup and latex for Raimi's earlier films, she suffered for her art. :)

I haven't played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but I heard two items about it I thought I'd pass on. The first one is that the game is now the Guiness World Record Holder for largest voice-over project with over 200,000 lines of dialogue. The second is a bug that I almost wish was a feature. It seems that using the dance emotes in combat interrupts targeting attempts by enemy mobs. In a way, they've crossed Star Wars with the old Moonwalker arcade game.

Speaking of Star Wars, a French burger chain called "Quick" is offering black-bunned "Dark Side" burgers as part of a promotion for the 3D release of The Phantom Menace. For starters, that makes the bun look like it might have been baked back when the original Episode I release happened. And secondly, the "Light Side" bun is just... yellow to golden brown. The Darth Burger is okay looking like a bun-shaped mold colony but the Jedi with Cheese is just... normal? I guess you could imagine that it's blond, like Luke's hair, but that's getting into an even weirder area, so I'll just stop now.

The much-loathed Akira live-action American film adaptation has stalled again (perhaps for good), closing its offices as Warner Bros. looks at the budget again. At last report, the budget was in the $60-$70 million dollar range (keeping in mind that Adam Sandler's alleged money laundering project, Jack & Jill had a budget of $87 million). I think at this point, the only way they could reasonably make everyone happy is to just let people buy a ticket to the movie that can then be traded for a DVD of the original anime.

There's a meme that seems to be gaining traction, though it may be a sign of near-future nostalgia. It's basically all about the old-fashioned indestructible Nokia, with more examples like this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. I've spoken to more and more people who hate smartphones with a passion and either want less-featured devices or are proudly showing off their older phones that they've brought back from the grave. This probably spells doom for all those dial-phone-to-cell conversion kits as tech from less than a decade ago becomes the new antique chic, but at least it's keeping 'em out of landfills, right?

So while I start trying out new ways to make my computer crash and my hard drives scream for mercy, here's news that Dynamite Comics just just got the rights to publish Pathfinder tales in sequential art form. I don't suppose they've hired writers for that stuff yet, have they? I know someone I could recommend who's not only written other fantasy comics, he promises to leave out or include henchmen as they require... :)

I'll just hang out and see if my skill check worked or if I need to buy the guy running the adventure a pizza. Everyone else gets to go on to the following:

- Just in case your world wasn't strange enough, scientists have discovered a crab with a hairy chest, so they called it "The Hoff," naturally.
- There are swears in this video, as well as one inserted image of an artificial male item that isn't generally seen in polite society. And frankly, there could (and probably should) have been a lot more than that in this summary of the Transformers trilogy.
- A prop artist made a Half Life 2 gravity gun, and it sold at a charity auction for $21,000. His site has pics and a walkthrough of how he built it.
- How about a cute shooter for a change? Gunball 2 is an arena-style level-up-grade gunfest where your ultimate goal is to defeat the Emperor Gunball on the final level.
- Let's sneak yet another 2011 list in since it's still January: The best and worst comic book medicine of 2011.
- And one more of 2011's weirdest Christmas trees.
- I'm posting this mostly because I'm morally obligated to as a fan of all things Who, so here's a photoshop blog called David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be.
- And now, a medley of 15 famous TV theme songs in 2 minutes. Let's see if the home audience can name them all!
- The next installment of JJ Abrams' Star Trek timeline reboot will include Mickey from Doctor Who and the current BBC incarnation of Sherlock Holmes.
- Much as how fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game franchise were recently informed that a sequel game might rise from its parent company's ashes, those hoping the Firefly MMO would become a reality still have reason to hope.
- For anyone who's just suffered a pang of Whedon withdrawal, here's an hour-long podcast/interview from December with some old and new stories from the maker of the 'verse.
- If you'd like to know the identity of a heavily-rumored favorite to be a Doctor Who companion next season, read this.
- Recently, a clip purporting to be of a "quantum superconductor" racetrack with mag-lev cars you could control went viral. Sadly, it was just to shill an upcoming video game. On the up side, someone already made a similar racetrack several years before, and it's real.
- Just in case anyone out there was eagerly awaiting the next ultra-violent video game set in Catharsis, Arizona, Postal III is apparently a failure at even being a guilty pleasure.
- So this woman in Russia decided to make her way into a missile factory and snap some amazingly cool pictures.
- A New York dog owner is trying to get compensation for her purebred pooch's bad knees by suing to prove that dogs have souls, and are therefore to be treated as people.
- Of course, dead people, with or without souls, can cause legal issues. Those Steve Jobs action figures that were about to go on sale might be halted by Apple's lawyers, though I'm not sure they can win over making a doll of a deceased public figure. They can probably stop the current production based on the toy Apple products the doll comes with, though.
- At the very least, it's been proven that one could drink 42 liters of Diet Coke in a week and not die right away.
- Okay, so Skullhunter Players Pack is another shooting-upgrade game, this one is done from the side with a ballista at undead, so that's totally different than the one above.
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