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The website is coming along, but it's like getting your Minecraft house just right...

I've been busy with the new site. "Sure," some say, "we've heard that before." 'Tis true, and I've got the bleary eyes to prove it. I honestly didn't realize what a huge cavern of unsorted files this site has become over the years. When I was done sorting out all of the ps238 pages posted to date, I was somewhat astonished to see over 800 pages of comics. Full Frontal Nerdity is closing in on 700 strips. I've got 300 comics sorted for Nodwick, and I haven't even gotten to the pages from the published comic book yet. I'm thinking this will attract a lot of new readers, as they can select specific stories, or (in the case of Nodwick) "adventure spoofs" to see only the full-page 'toons that appeared in Dragon. That comic is also a bit of a special case, as it encompassed web-only comics, old Dragonmirth cartoons, other single-panel comics, the Q4rce strip I did for City of Heroes, and a bunch of other stuff. Reading it by date will still render a "whatever I could post that week" parade of seemingly random breaks in an otherwise semi-organized narrative, so the category tags will really come in handy. And I've even corrected an embarrassing pile of mistakes, lost or duplicated files, and other things that I thought I'd actually done something about in the past (often making a second error). I'm not sure if I'll be able to use the "tags" section on all of the comics, but I'll see if I can't note some highlights as I assemble the thing. I'll want to check with my oft-abused and much-appreciated web guy, but I'm hoping there'll be something resembling a "live" site for everyone to look at possibly by the end of this week, if not the next. The real fun will be getting all the DNS entries to work properly, but that's Internet Showbiz...

And related to showbiz, a study appears to say that men don't generally go for funny women. I can see being reticent to date a stand-up comic of any gender, since you're likely to become material, but I'd figure it depends on the kind of funny one prefers. As with a great many other subjects, Q.I. chimed in on this one, giving both genders lots of pokes in the eye. By the way, if you're not familiar with the woman in pink and black, that's Sandy Toksvig, who hosts the BBC Radio 4 show, The News Quiz, which is quite funny, indeed. However, she's probably not interested in any of the strapping young men in the audience as (1) she's taken and (2) that's not really her thing, but she'd probably appreciate any promises of devotion.

In other entertainment stuff, there's the results for the domestic (U.S.) film grosses for 2011. That's the top 100 on one page, but here's a game you can play at home or with friends: how far down the list until you stop running out of movies you've either seen or ever even heard of? Granted, a great many near the bottom are foreign language or so independent that they probably don't have any logos with laurels around them to put on a trailer. Still, some of the titles do spark the imagination, and it could be a preview for what to expect on late-night cable TV or the SyFy channel. Speaking of the latter, they aired the pilot for Three Inches a few days ago, which lost out to Alphas for being picked up as a series. It wasn't bad, but had a goofier take on superheroes. Their limited abilities (like the title character's power to telekinetically move objects three inches) made for interesting uses of power, and it had Spike from Buffy in it. I'd post a link, but SyFy doesn't seem to have put it on their site, so all I have is a teaser.

It just wouldn't be a post without some gaming stuff, so in no particular order:

- Bethesda and Interplay have settled their lawsuit over Fallout, or so it's being reported. Details to come later in the month after the Geiger counter readings say its safe.
- If you've got a bunch of Sega Genesis or SNES cartridges lying around (or know where they can be had for cheap) and you don't like PC emulators, there's a gizmo you might want.
- Except for my upcoming Skyrim video project where him interrupting will be played for laughs, I picked up two games over the holidays that my 2-year-old can actually watch (and maybe even try out). One is Universe Sandbox, which puts you in charge of some truly galactic physics, and the other is Polynomial, a space shooter game (where you can disable the shooting, if desired) where the visuals are based on fractals generated by whatever music track you run through it, even "Sing a Song" from Sesame Street...
- And lest I leave out the tabletop side of things, took a a look back at 2011 and how the game industry fared and what trends waxed or waned.

I'd normally close with something pithy, maybe about having to wrestle down the Christmas tree or something I forgot to mention about New Years', but I've just had my mind blown after seeing Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al peform Come Together. And the fact that Paramount is going to make its loose adaptation of World War Z into a trilogy. If you've survived all that, here's a few more things that might finally tip you over the edge:

- How can they make a Steve Jobs action figure this realistic without anything that senses WiFi, says something, or reacts to an iPhone app?
- One of the trends that came and went on YouTube was the "literal video" phenomenon, where classic music videos had re-recorded vocal tracks to reflect what was seen. One song given this treatment was Total Eclipse of the Heart. Taking the idea one step further and giving it a sci-fi twist, someone used clips from Doctor Who for the literal imagery.
- Before the robot apocalypse, the machines shall build strange monuments to demonstrate their superiority.
- I love word-based games, and this one is quite a challenge. The Word Alone challenges you to construct words using the letters provided, then move the words in order to shove all of the letters except for A-L-O-N-E off of the board.
- I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but if I have, it's had a lot added to it: Final Image is a collection of (like it says on the tin) final images from movies.
- Custom Monopoly sets continue to sprout about the internet, and this time it's a great-looking Mass Effect version.
- Joss Whedon shows, BSG, and a video game or two are re-imagined as 1960's record albums for children.
- Predicted to be the hot gift for 2012: The Hamster-powered submersible.
- Scientists are seeing if scorpions might be even more creepy, as they might be crawling eyes with stingers, pretty much.
- Nethack is a classic dungeon-crawl computer game. For an even smaller adventure, try out Tinyhack.
- Much how The Walking Dead reminded people what happens when you fire a gun in an enclosed space (a tank), here's a movie clip that may make one more aware of one's surroundings when firing something considerably larger.
- If you like achievements, you'll love Goime 500. Gotta earn 'em all!
- It's a sure sign you're aging when someone who used to be da shizzle is appearing on a daytime game show. And Drew Carey is still creepy-looking as a thin guy.
- has a story about locating the filming model of the Serenity spaceship. Click through on the QMX link at the end for a huge gallery of photos.
- Top 100? How about the top 600 people of all time (so far)?
- As an (attempted) salvager of fallen wood, this amazing bike gives me hope.
- Lastly, Volt Connect 2 is a puzzle game where your goal is to connect various electron-loving creatures with streams of current.
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