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A posting largely about video games, but you don't have to play 'em to poke fun...

A few posts ago, I shared a trailer for a rather dull-looking bus simulation game. I think I've found something I'd want to play even less: Archie's Riverdale Run (scroll down for the trailer). "Archie" is one of those intellectual properties that has almost become a parody of itself, hard to see in any light other than ironic (at least for me). As a humorous look at hip 'n' happenin' teens, it's about as relevant to modern-day youth as "Richie Rich" is to students of economic theory. In fact, the only other attention I've seen paid to the comic comes from the blog MightyGodKing who has long made the case that Betty Cooper is freakin' nuts and will probably (language warning) someday do something that would make Hannibal Lecter pause. I still see the "Archie Digests" for sale in grocery stores, so somebody must still be out there buying them, but the last time I read the comic had to be... well, let's just say it probably was some time before Mario made the leap from arcades to home consoles. I also watched the short lived late-60's TV show in re-runs, though I can't recall a single storyline.

So anyway, I'm rather puzzled by the development of what looks like a pretty dull game. I'm not saying you need explosions and mayhem (though in Riverdale, that might be ironically funny) to have a good time, but running around doing chores and collecting flowers/hamburgers/love notes isn't exactly going to make me run to Best Buy. I do have to hand it to them, though: By not trying to stereotypically "update" the Archie brand (other than by losing his bow tie somewhere along the way), they may have created a better product. I mean, imagine Arch and Jughead in gangsta or hipster outfits, driving around in a beat-up Ford Fiesta.

Another media decision I don't get is the upcoming movie based on the game, 'Battleship.' I say "based on," because after reading the description, it doesn't sound like securing the IP for the classic grid-based guessing game was required. It sounds as if someone licensed "Dungeons & Dragons" in order to make "Reign of Fire." I do realize that the "Battleship" brand is what's allowing this film to be made, but... it just seems so unnecessary. If you told me there was a movie called "Navy vs. Aliens," I'd probably be just as intrigued. I also can't see this as being a huge move for Milton-Bradley, as even if someone winds up digging this film, the old pegs-n-plastic game is most likely not going to fly off the shelves. Maybe an Xbox Live version with clips from the movie and significant mechanics changes, but I think even the electronic tabletop version has seen its best days.

If it does turn out to be a decent movie, I propose that studios place the names of random products, games, toys, etc. into a hat and draw them whenever they're stuck for an idea. They then proceed to produce said film as if the owner of that product had hired them to do so, changing the name, of course... unless they can secure a sponsorship deal afterwords. :)

I've received several pleas to postpone any deconstruction of my suitcase full of vacuum tubes until I can find someone who can tell me if they're of value or not. I shall endeavor to seek wise counsel on this from local businesses and/or antique shops specializing in electronic devices. I did do some searches on what others have done with these tubes, and I came across a few interesting items, including a lightning bug, two galleries of miniature sculptures inside vacuum tubes (gallery one contains "fine art marble statue" style nekkidness, if that's an issue, and can be seen here, and gallery two is here), and some simple yet attractive jewelry.

Well, my Marvel script has been accepted. It's an 11-page tale that I don't think I can say too much about (I haven't asked how specific I can be) at the moment, except that it'll appear online before it appears in print. When I have more details about this "strange" story, I'll let everyone in on it. :)

Until then, here are other links to things strange as well as (hopefully) interesting:

- Most ads I have to watch in order to get to the trailer I want to see or the flash game I want to play are burdens that must be endured. However, I saw a rather clever one that I actually wanted to share.
- R.I.F.T. is a fun platformer where you, a robot, must navigate puzzling side-scrolling levels to feed cake to an overweight blob of a "master." It's kind of dark, if that's supposed to be us in the future...
- How cool would it be to clean out an old building and discover a two-lane bowling alley dating from the days of prohibition?
- In honor of my sister, the uber-librarian, I offer up this list of fail-ridden conversations with used booksellers.
- A walking blood-n-gore warning on this zombie rally photo collection. There are some fairly clever slogans, at least for the undead.
- And LoLcats have become so pervasive, it takes a pretty good matching of caption to photo to crack a smile these days, but this one did the trick.
- I think I might need to take up coin collecting, at least with denominations featuring Time Lords.
- Here's a challenging solitaire game, Tripeaks Reserve. Start by selecting a card from the bottom row, then attempt to clear the cards in the field above by selecting ones that are one higher or lower than the card in the discard pile.
- Continuing last post's holiday ornament links, here's 11 'geeky' selections for your tree.
- Reminiscent of a previously-posted gravity-gun game, Tank Defence has you protecting a central goal while shooting/propelling enemy forces into each other and the walls (be sure to click "new game" to begin, the opening screen is an interactive time-waster).
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