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New t-shirts? And they're on SALE?

It's been a while, but I've been dutifully jotting down some tee ideas and finally finding some time to set them down on cloth. "Edward & Bela" sums up a lot of attitudes towards the current trends in vampire fiction. I forced myself to watch the movie. Really, the "sparkling" scene was one of the most dumbfounding visuals I've run across in the past ten years. I can only deal with the baseball game if I consider it to be a ham-fisted homage to the bowling scene in "Fright Night 2." But if I remember an interview with Stephenie Meyer correctly, she considers most horror movies "too icky," so I doubt she ever spent an evening on the couch with that particular bit of cinema. Anyhoo, that's my opinion, it's only one, and anyone is free to disagree. All are free to purchase a shirt anyway (grin). The other is a little ode to the thriving siege engine appreciation that appears to be sweeping the country. It's the original way to rock out, right? Anyway, Offworld Designs is having a sale until the end of December! Just type in the code "DOgooder" (no quotes, case sensitive) and get $5.00 off your order of $20.00 or more. Sparkling not included.

The road to fame and fortune is often an odd one, though I don't think I've seen one this odd. There's a Twitter feed I've enjoyed perusing, though I hesitated to post it here as the language used on it is most unladylike. However, since it's part of a larger story, consider yourself warned. Be warned it's also funny and apt to leap from your lips as you read it to roommates and co-workers. The feed is called (in edited form) "[Poop] my Dad says," and it's hysterical. Then I see it's going to be turned into a book... and then into a sitcom. That's right, a Twitter feed is going to become a TV show. A "twitcom," if you will. There have been worse ideas and thinner premises, but if a decent "grumpy old man" show comes out of it, I figure it could have been worse. Besides, I was under the sneaky suspicion that the feed was really from a mellow version of Alan Moore... :)

As everyone no doubt knows, I liked "Fallout 3." The makers of that game Another software company with a 'b' starting their name have has now come out with another RPG with first-person-shooter bits called "Dragon Age: Origins." I'm scared to touch this one, as Fallout sucked away more time than I'm comfortable thinking about, and it looks to have even more content. Plus it has Claudia Black doing voicework. And then there's a 'toolkit' that purports to allow users to create their own adventures. Has anyone braved this game yet and is able to report back? How all-consuming is this beast, and should mankind be wary?

I think I will have to buy the game "Gratuitous Space Battles" when it comes out, though. That one still looks like loads of fun, especially with a subwoofer. It's like a Michael Bay version of "Star Trek," but without his usual efforts towards storytelling. :)

While I avoid other distractions and finish recovering from my Ginger Ale Diet, here's some new stuff I've recently turned up:

- If "Bob the Angry Flower's Guide to the Apostrophe" is too rude, there's a more polite yet still graphically pleasing version.
- Also graphically appealing is this poem for those hapless doomed souls on 'Star Trek' entitled, 'Red Shirt blues.'
- I think we have a winner for next year's top video game tie-in to sneak into someone's luggage before they go through airport security.
- I only point to this "jumping brain" toy because it looks a lot like the 'Intellect Devourer' from AD&D. Also of note are these D&D Dice-headed toys.
- Monday was Carl Sagan's birthday. Here's a tribute to his work, with videos and images both deep and amusing.
- Mechanism 2 is similar to a game we had here previously called (I believe) "Splitter." Slice through bits of the playfield to get the glowing ball(s) to the goal.
- There are many "free" online games out there, but some have rather shady and underhanded methods of getting your money.
- Because this would make a cool premise for an Indiana Jones film, I direct your attention to a lost Persian Army, possibly one whose disappearance was chronicled by Herodotus.
- Speaking of ancient history (well, in rock years, anyway), a purportedly "lost" tape of unreleased Beatles songs (which sound an awful lot like mashups of solo projects and existing songs) is available for download.
- I'm a sucker for giant robots doing cool stuff (like invading places). So here's a film from (I think) Uruguay called Panic Attack which gives us a most compelling hulking metallic menace indeed.
- And because I'm also a sucker for bow-n-arrow games (though I wish more "Bowmaster" games would come out), here's B.C. Bow Contest. Shoot against other prehistoric opponents with a variety of arrows to claim a trophy.
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