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Slave to the keyboard, nose to the scroll-wheel...

Workitty-work-work-work, and I can't talk about what it is (yet). Urgh!

I have images I could post. I have text I could paste. I have interesting ideas I could talk about. But not yet, dag-nabbit.

All this is by way of letting everyone know why I've not been replying even at my usual sporradic level lately; I've got... a project. It's mostly writing on my end, but I want to make sure it's done right, so, in addition to my other duties, I've been composing and editing large amounts of text. I've been told that my dialogue tends to run to the longish side when left unchecked. Therefore, my editor on this project recommended Stephen King's "On Writing" as a primer on the kind of wordsmithery he digs. I also recommend the book because it's a good read, if you like King, and he's got some amusing stories in between stuff he says about writing (the "super duper electro magnet" is a favorite).

But anyway, I think I'll be able to reveal all next February, which is when I think the official announcement is to be made. Sadly, it's not a ps238 TV show; that particular awesome event might yet happen, but it's still "in the works."

A further bit on scriptwriting: I've been doing it for quite some time, and I'll admit that generally, I didn't do much revision on my scripts. The ones where I've had the time to go back and tweak are, I think, among my best, but just getting it down on paper initially is sometimes the biggest step. That isn't to say that there aren't some completely freakish brains out there that can't bang out a solid tale on the first go-round on a regular basis. From "Asimov Laughs Again," the creator of the Laws of Robotics tells us this tale. I guess when looking for advice on doing something, you have to choose carefully. I'd probably have better luck learning how to fly from a licensed pilot rather than Superman. :)

In "Who News," we could see all surviving Doctors uniting for the BBC's "Children in Need" fundraiser. Last year's "Time Crash" was a real fan treat, and fitted in neatly with the show's continuity. I just hope they don't fall into the trap of standing around asking each other "what are you doing here?"

Due to the aforementioned bizzy-ness, I haven't had a chance to catch up on "Heroes" (I have 1.5 episodes unviewed, at the moment), but feel free let fly in the comments; I fear no spoilers. :)

And perhaps I'm so far behind because I found all this stuff:

- It's time for some Cthulhu Mythos in brick form, and there's an impressive amount to look at. Love that zeppelin!
- Not so much a fun link as a warning: Uwe Boll is making another movie, this one about the Vietnam war. And there's no script this time...
- It's not the best way to go about it, but if you need an evil plan on the fly, then this generator is for you.
- I see many casemods on the net, but this one is really impressive, even if it wasn't BSG-themed. Don't miss the video clips to see the LCD "dradis" screens on the front of the case.
- Here's a music video of cats flushing toilets. The true fun is passing it on to friends, watching the song get stuck in their heads...
- Graviroids is one of the more interesting Asteroids-mods I've seen in some time. The rocks have gravitational fields that make the game pretty interesting and addictive.
- If anyone out there has a spare '78 Corvette lying around, you could turn it into a pretty bat-tastic ride.
- Which brings us into other fun projects for the upcoming holiday. While you won't be able to swing from buildings, you can mod an air compressor and hot glue gun to make a pretty good web-shooter.
- Why wait for the elections to determine who wins? Battleground States is a Risk-based wargame with a political theme.
- And lastly, I don't think this video says anything pro or con about the candidate in question (at least, I don't read anything into it), it just shows that our political system realy needs a 'talent' competition. :)
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