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The "if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all" post...

As of this posting, I'm still feeling woozy and so are my various sites, kind of. The comics are updating, but my main blog at the new locale isn't behaving properly, and tech support won't be able to look at it 'till morning. Still, I'm not spontaneously combusting or phasing through the Earth's crust, so there's that. Check Nodwick dot com tomorrow, and in the meantime, here's what I was trying to put up for the midnight update:

Having a "productive cough" is one of those supposedly positive things that I'd rather not have most of the time. My kid's almost over his fight with this plague, though he apparently doesn't understand what "you did this to me" means, since it makes him laugh. Or he does understand and he's just evil.

Speaking of evil, Michael Eisner's film company is making another movie adaptation of The Garbage Pail Kids. For those who don't recall the horror the first time around, here's a little sample to either refresh your memory or help you understand the thousand-yard stare you might observe in those who saw the whole thing. It was the 80's, so of course there was an animated cartoon that even I have a hard time recalling. Maybe it's a defense mechanism.

I'm guessing the pitch for the film didn't sound anything like:

"Let's spend millions on a movie that's a parody of a toy line which peaked in popularity over twenty years ago. The target demographic is 80's nostalgia fanatics, people who collected sticker-cards* that often came with petrified bubble gum, and gross-out joke fans who think the Scary Movie franchise is too highbrow."

Much like Marmaduke, I'm a little baffled as to who's clamoring for this thing, aside from whoever owns the Garbage Pail Kids rights. I'd be more thrilled about animator PES getting work in Hollywood if this wasn't going to be his next big project. Perhaps the sequel can somehow tie in with the Child's Play horror franchise and the Cabbage Patch dolls that were found to be capable of eating not only pretend food, but parts of their owners as well.

* Full disclosure: I own a nearly complete set of "Zero Heroes" sticker cards, but I do NOT demand a movie about them.

I'm going to grab another cup of tea and try to figure out if my various technical difficulties are also being caused by viral infection. More posts (hopefully) on the new site tomorrow (including this one), along with stuff like:

• I'm not sure if I'm hallucinating this or not, so I hope when you you click this, you also see Peter Dinklage as the movie version of Wolverine. The fun continues with someone finally figuring out where the Empire truly went wrong: They should have skipped Jango Fett and cloned Tony Stark.

• Just in case you're having your in box filled with tales about the theft of Tide detergent, Snopes is not yet sure if it's true or not. There's at least one report of someone being arrested for stealing $25,000 worth of Tide, though with glasses like that, you'd kind of expect something to be amiss.

• What is true is that a 3D printer at the University of Vienna has set a speed record for the printing of objects. Granted, there are few uses for race cars about 200 micrometers long, but that's for the engineering department to work out.

• Have some poetic story-time, courtesy of the Daleks.

• By now, many have seen the trick of running uncooked spaghetti through hot dogs in order to have "threaded" hot dogs after boiling them. With the right kind of pasta, you can now serve Shoggoth dogs to your guests.

• I think my next game purchase might include the concept of being pursued by polite and gentlemanly robots in a faux-British countryside in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Sounds like jolly good fun, eh wot?

• This seems a fine button-mashing send-up of all of those side-scrolling fight games from the 80's: Nuclear Justice has you trying to stop prisoners from escaping by beating them up. Get money for beating-upping upgrades.
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