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Will Endercats be next? That would be kind of creepy-cool...

Minecraft continues its evolution unabated, and it's got to be doing something right since Notch just gave his yearly dividend, $3 million, to his employees. Presumably, it wasn't in diamonds. Anyway, the game just updated to version 1.2, and thus a trailer showing off some of the features was born. One of the new features allows for the creation of cat fountains in "creative" mode.

The Hunger Games movie is still looking pretty good. I'll be interested to see how the world and the revolutionary atmosphere are presented. It could be tempting for the studio to "take the edges off" so it's not as harsh or potentially controversial. A new clip was released where Katniss shows off her arrow-ing skills. For those who haven't read the book, the scene is pretty significant. She's being evaluated by the gamemakers, the ones responsible for designing the arena where the titular games will take place. Her deciding to capture their attention earns her an 11 out of 12 rating when all is said and done. Also, you get to see a Future Beard(TM) in the clip. It's also possible his face has been engineered to grow stubble that way, I suppose.

Speaking of clips, the eleventh Interrupt Request is up and running. The new drivers recommended by Nvidia don't seem to have helped things much, but then again, it's the loose nut behind the wheel that seems to be causing most of the problems. I'm feeling a bit like someone who's gone back in time along their own personal history and is trying to re-live everything the way it was, which in this case results in me thinking I'm a lot more powerful than I actually am. I also didn't die nearly so much before, but I also played a bit like my character was a tourist with a pot of coffee in him; every map marker was an invitation to explore and get XP/loot, whether or not someone had told me to go there.

And in other video game weirdness, here's the box art for Assassin's Creed 3. While fun (when you get past the DRM), this game is one where often the mechanics kind of got in the way of the story for me. It just seemed kind of silly at times, like how The Three Musketeers now inhabit a "historical" world that's full of steampunk weaponry and gadgetry that spills from every lace cuff, bodice, or cloak. Unless they have the new guy climbing trees, he's probably going to be in colonial New England, though a trip across the Atlantic wouldn't be out of the question. Still, I'm sure comparisons to National Treasure are going to be made, since secret rooms, secret societies, and over-engineered tombs/crypts/vaults are a staple, probably even in the New World.

Let's close with something completely out of the blue. Or rather, completely out of my mother-in-law's closet. When my wife was a wee tot, her father was clearing some trees that had chosen poor locations to grow, and with one stroke of a chainsaw, history was made. This tree must have had some kind of precognition about the future when it (and another tree, actually) had a vision of a popular Steven Speilberg production and decided to become a living tribute to his work. The saw was used to preserve a section of this fortune-telling tree, giving us what I call E.T(ree), the Extra Terres-tree-fall. If the resemblance isn't immediately obvious, it's probably because his guest role was ill-fated and doomed to obscurity. I fully expect one of those Howard Hughes-type collectors who hunt down other objects that wanted a career in show biz to arrive at my door with a suitcase full of cash any minute now.

I'm going to go wait on the porch for Mr. Moneybags, so why not amuse yourselves with:

- Does it say something about America that the first version of the $1 bill kind of looks like one of those Val-Pak coupons you get in the mail?
- Why doesn't the FDA warn us that slamming a pink package of artificial sweetener followed by a gulp of coffee will result in stop-motion 80's nostalgia?
- NASA's Kepler data suggests Earth-like exoplanets may be fairly abundant. Now if only they could find a spare jumpgate, derelict spaceship with a hyperdrive, or the instructions for some kind of FTL tech written on the side of a decent-sized planet, we'll be in business.
- Or we could use the apparently theoretical Alcubierre warp drive, which has the added advantage of wiping out whatever is in front of you when you arrive.
- From the "that was kind of unexpected" department comes news that a movie based on the Valiant comic, Bloodshot is in the works. I would've bet on X-O Manowar, m'self.
- What I thought was just a riff on those old VHS-cassette boardgames turns out to be a promo for a comedian that's also a YouTube choose-your-own-adventure called "The Dark Room."
- If you're feeling too chipper or want to research what strategies might help you in the wasteland of humanity's fall, here's an exhaustive list of post-apoc books.
- You only get a limited number of swings, but Building Demolisher provides some good, clean, destructive fun.
- I'm sure it was an ingenious innovation in 1266, but I'd hate to have been the patient that received a surgical procedure that included the use of a crossbow.
- Indy probably wasn't thrilled with the whole Crystal Skull debacle, but when was denied tenure, he probably thought hard about sticking his head in the Ark of the Covenant. Hopefully someone would find a way to cheer him up.
- The Lifetime channel has decided it wants a 10-episode docuseries about Bristol Palin. When did "docuseries" become a word, and was anyone punished for creating it?
- While we're dishing out the negative reinforcement, can we deliver some to whoever it was at NBC who killed the Inspector Spacetime web series?
- I like a little chocolate now and again, but this cake would probably make me never want to taste it ever again... for about a week. Maybe two.
- Okay, they were and still are cute... and they still have a thing for bananas. It's a teaser for the sequel to Despicable Me.
- I'm posting this because I've always wanted to use the joke that follows the link. Ahem... Now you can be just as dashing as Captian Sulu with his new cologne, "Excelsior." Set phasers to stunning! Thank you for your indulgence.
- A Tim Burton-esque puzzle platformer is to be had in the game Nelly. Guide Nelly through a not-so-nice mystical world she discovers after chasing a butterfly into a spooky forest.
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for the record it's already been confirmed there will be tree climbing in AC3


March 5 2012, 07:11:09 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  March 5 2012, 07:12:58 UTC

Will there be piles of leaves instead of hay carts? :)

I almost hope they have a segment in London. They could kind of follow the many journeys (under protest, I presume) of Squanto and Samoset:

no idea though they did have large bushes that you could leap of faith/hide in in revelations so they may just do that


March 4 2012, 09:54:41 UTC 4 years ago

Love the motivational poster in the background of the latest Ps238 strip. "If plan A will result in a smoking crater where the city used to be..."
I so wanted to do a motivational poster calendar, but never got around to it. I wonder if I can find the source files and toss it up on Cafe Press or something? :)