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Ten is a milestone of some kind, right?

Interrupt Request turns 10:

Y'know, this whole YouTube thing just might not be a passing fad after all. And yes, I'm trying to get Josh to make a second appearance, but his performance-art muse strikes at odd times. Hopefully he'll record something with me on Friday or over the weekend. I just hope he doesn't learn any new words in the process; that'd land me in hot water.

Some cross-posting with the new site in the form of this bit about a study on problem solving, booze, and sleep loss. I'm wondering if those studies will appear on RadioLab sometime in the future, since they seem to delight in telling me how susceptible my brain is to trickery (both self-inflicted and from outside stimuli).

And speaking of punishing your brain, here's the trailer for Borderlands 2. The game looks like it's really going for the "big, dumb fun with loads of explosions" market, and there's nothing wrong with that. I came away from the first game feeling less than thrilled because of the single-player campaign (I'm told the multiplayer is the real reason for owning the game) having a typical "shoot at the right spot to kill the boss" ending along with what I thought were lackluster production values (too many NPCs repeating the same dialog, the use of masks seemingly just to avoid animating mouths, etc.). Still, the vehicle combat was fun, and I found I could eventually tune out the Claptrap robot dialog. It is refreshing to see a game that pretty much knows what it's here for and isn't going to be ashamed of it. :)

I finished reading Stephen King's 11-22-63 recently, and it's one of the better time-travel yarns I've read in some time. It's time travel setup is pretty unique: You can travel back to a specific date in 1958, you can stay as long as you like, you can bring things back with you, and whatever you change in the past stays changed when you return. No matter how long you stay in the past, in the present, you're only gone for two minutes. If you go back through the warp to 1958, you arrive at the same moment as before, but you've reset everything; if you want your changes to stick, you have to make them again. Of course, the past doesn't want to be changed, so things might start getting hairy. This is sci-fi Stephen King, and he's also in his element, which is to say, the past he grew up in. He's not done well with technology, in my opinion, especially when it comes to computers. Here, that isn't a problem, and I think he even gets in a few jabs at the way the world has changed since the heyday of The Rolling Stones (whose music the protagonist likes, which I think all of King's heroes do). Without giving away any spoilers, the plot surrounds a mission to significantly alter the past, a cross-time romance, and how far you'd be willing to go for what you felt was important. It's one of his better novels of late, and while it starts in Maine, it doesn't remain there. In other Stephen King news, a clip of him reading the first chapter of Mister Sleep, his sequel to The Shining, has surfaced for your viewing/listening pleasure.

I have to go figure out how to lure Josh near the microphone for the next episode of IRQ, probably by using fruit snacks. It's good training for when he's eventually placed in his Matrix-pod, so I call that good parenting (grin). Then his brain can get a constant feed of stuff like this:

- Enjoy two minutes of Pixar's Brave.
- Long story short: Bridge goes boom in spectacular fashion.
- Based on their patent history, here's a look at what you might expect "Google Glasses" to do.
- I don't know what Neil Patrick Harris is doing in this photo, but I approve of it.
- Neon Race 2 is a retro-ish wireframe-looking game where you drive your vehicle into red ones for points, dodge blue ones just because, and gather money.
- For that teacher in your life who needs to feel better about how poorly her students are doing, here's something to make test grading a little less tragic.
- As if we didn't know, throttling unlimited bandwidth is pointless.
- Video game physics fun with the latest in the GTA IV "Carmageddon" series, where the friction on vehicles is set to zero.
- This so needs to become a meme with legs (language warning in text form): The Scumbag D&D Player.
- There are cosplay outfits and then there are ones that you wish you wore to your job every day.
- I ran across a Tumblr that's devoted February to the greatest fictional bands.
- You know how some phrases can start to sound weirder and weirder the more you hear them repeated? Such is the case with this supercut of people from James Bond films saying "double-oh." I almost think a version set to the classic song "Summertime" needs to happen.
- J.K. Rowling wants to write for adults next.
- Our video-heavy linkdump is brought to you by the trailer for Wrath of the Titans. At least the action figure line should look good sitting on your computer desk.
- This might occupy you for a while. Killbot is a game where you, a killbot, has to escape the lab by using disguises and object levitation.
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