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Replicated drinks? A true warrior grinds things to fill his cup!

A certain warrior race contacted me to help promote their chain of Kahless Coffee shops with a line of t-shirts, and who was I to argue with a bat'leth embedded in my desk? There wasn't room for their company slogan, which was something along the lines of "if you cannot survive the barista, you are not warrior enough to consume our beverages." It loses something in the translation, I suppose, though perhaps not. They were disappointed we couldn't screen print on metal armor, but we promised to let them know the second we could, as if our lives depended on it. :)

I said I'd post it, and here it is. My first "chainsaw chair." Two v-cuts made the legs, and two longer, more arduous cuts formed the seat and back. There's a reason they don't perform surgery with chainsaws, folks. and a precision instrument they aren't. Even with the cut-out wood, it's still quite heavy. Also, if any of you are ever tempted to try this, I might recommend letting the wood season a bit more than I did. As of this posting, what was the inner "core" parts of the trunk are drying out and pulling away from the seat back, so my next step will be glue or more chainsaw. In either case, Josh was thrilled, but then again, he's thrilled when he discovers a new kind of fluff he hasn't stuck in his mouth yet, so I'll have to wait until his language skills develop a bit more for a real opinion.

Given the topics of the following link, I'd probably have to call it "not safe for work," but it could be passed off as educational. It's a Project Gutenberg item, and it's The 1811 Dictionary in the Vulgar Tongue, and it's a fun resource to page through. Reading this collection of slang is probably the closest I'll come to total linguistic befuddlement at non-standard English phraseology without losing my internet connection for five years or so. It's also interesting to see which words are still around after all this time.

John Carter, the live-action movie based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories, is apparently not tracking well with the public, given how much the film must have cost. I was unimpressed by the Superbowl spot for the film, but my interest has been at least revived by a fan-made trailer. The real question is how long until the first crossover movie with Pirates of the Caribbean gets made?

While at least half of you try to figure out a way to punch me through your computer for even typing such a film concept, let me offer this by way of distracting you while I make my escape:

- I'd never heard of this site before, but they make a compelling case for their 100 greatest action figures list, especially since they included ROM: Spaceknight and one of The Inhumanoids on the roster.
- I'm thinking that this lamp would go well in a dimly-lit stairwell with a skull beneath it...
- In theory, here are the instructions for making your own stained glass d20. I hope you have a laser cutter/etcher handy, though.
- Rupert's Zombie Diary is a true-to-life simulation of that time in 1902 when a wizard tried to take over London with a zombie army (ask your teachers). Learn various moves, buy upgrades, and show that wizard what-for!
- Feel better about yourself, if not the length of your arms, with this Tumblr blog called T-Rex is Trying.
- If anyone is giving you trouble over keeping an old C64 or Apple II alive, you might want to show them how many rather old computers are still running things.
- Adding to the pile of "might-have-been" Hollywood stories, we might have had Robert Downey Jr. playing Lex Luthor at one point.
- AMC has released a featurette about the digital effects for The Walking Dead, season two. I post it mostly because it confirms that nagging suspicion I had that the sky/horizon shots everyone posed in front of were fake.
- The owner of the world's most expensive classic car warns that you shouldn't invest in classic cars for returns, but because you love cars.
- The FBI is going to shut down some DNS servers to clear out a virus (or for whatever other reason Fox Mulder would give) and there's a way to check and see if your connection will be offline when they do.
- Whether or not you smoke, I think we can all agree that there are some things we just shouldn't do.
- My missing of Bashcon and the Old Pancake House was somewhat comforted by finding this recipe, but it's still no German Pancake.
- Further study of one of the first exoplanets to be discovered indicates that it may be the largest hot tub known to science.
- Adult Swim games brings us Captain Commander, a game that re-creates what a lot of us remember the Atari 2600 to have been like, as seen through a very nostalgic set of rose-colored glasses. Shoot everything that moves, get powerups, read funny text.
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