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Episode seven and other inadvisable items...

It's not so much that I was efficient, I just "overshot" my mark for how long I'd be "filming" and wound up with another episode:

Episode eight is in post-production, and I hope to see if Josh will contribute to episode nine, since he's way funnier than I am.

The most recent FFN strip is kinda-sorta based on what passes for real life. Someone did play Mr. Killjoy as a character, and he did wield a weapon called the Sword of Vengeance. Pretty much everything else is embellishment on my part, but I can recall a time when "awesome magic weapon" meant more than just how much damage it did, though that was often (pardon the expression) a plus. These customized artifacts often paved the road to Mary Sue/Marty Stu territory, though a lot of times their "powers" were more about looking cool than they were about being effective against hordes of enemies. I can recall making up a blade that probably looked a lot like the one from Blackstar, whose chief property was having arcs of electricity between it and the ground whenever it was out of its scabbard. It probably also shot energy beams, but my shame-hazed memory refuses to give me all the details. Anyway, what it made me wonder is if there's an RPG system out there that could be called "My Campaign When I was Twelve." The powers/abilities would probably read like something from the Exalted game, but it would require that powers couldn't be used unless you had enough "awesomely cool" points devoted to tribal tattoos, leather trenchcoats, armbands, goggles, and all the other stuff that really serves no practical purpose. All character sheets have to be on ruled notebook paper, and nearly everything explodes when killed or destroyed. I'm sure something like this already exists, but if not... It could make all those notebooks you've got your original Basic D&D set stowed with into "research material." :)

The move is nearly complete to the new site. In case you're worried I won't run off at the keyboard about various things 'n' stuff, here's a treatise on using text adventures to enhance current-gen video games. There are several other links I've posted (sometimes in groups, sometimes by their lonesome) on the main page for your viewing pleasure. It almost looks like an actual website that wasn't, say, cobbled together with duct tape and string by a cartoonist who learned all of his HTML skills through posting images to internet forums (insert innocent whistling here).

And now I just had my plate added to as I have to go back and monkey with the rights claims on my IRQ videos. I don't think it'll be a problem, but I need to fix it so this experiment can maybe pay for Josh's eventual college education... or the down payment on his band's touring van, if I know my luck. Anyway, that, new ps238 pages, and more Epic Campain work are my weekend destiny, so here's yours:

- Yay! A Kickstarter campaign is going to make a Wasteland 2 game! Y'see, kids, back in the dark ages, there was this thing called The Bard's Tale, which you'd probably think of as a kind of torture...
- Speaking of apocalyptic wastelands, that's where the next Zorro movie seems to be headed. From the description it sounds more like The Book of Eli with swords, but hey...
- If you have a friend and you both hate yourselves, the infamous impossible "running" game QWOP now has a two-player mode. Try to keep the swearing to a minimum, people.
- I'd call this a selection from Software Pirates of the Caribbean were I in charge of naming the musical piece "He's A Pirate" as performed by 8 floppy drives.
- Effing Fruits is a game where you toss ambulatory and destructive fruit into a blender to (I presume) keep your juice company running... like you do.
- I know nothing about the video game Air Buccaneers, but from this page o' news they posted, I was interested/impressed to see a game where you can summon an elder god to wreak havoc only once, ever in the game. Scroll down until you see the second embedded video.
- Is it gimmicky to offer themed Monopoly sets? Yeah, but I'd be impressed if the ones for Starcraft and World of Warcraft had sub-board "expansions," like their video game counterparts.
- This could be the greatest Skyrim mod ever... to surreptitiously install on someone else's computer.
- And in other Skyrim bits, it turns out that Bethesda just put Morrowind and Cyrodiil in the game so you could see them if you climbed up high enough.
- The temporary suspension of The Colbert Report is due to some kind of family emergency.
- There's nothing like having your hobby show off a practical side. Like a guy who's love of remote-control vehicles has inspired him to dig out a basement over several years using R/C construction vehicles. My kid would beg to be adopted by him, FYI.
- He may have taken a few roles that were less than dignified, but I like this "Lots of Lloyds" collection featuring caricatures of Christopher Lloyd.
- I don't own an iPhone, but I'd still love to make my own TARDIS phone cozy.
- If you think of those runway shows as concept car shows for wearables, they're not quite as odd... but there are times where you'd love to know what the thought process was leading up to the results.
- This kid who, through the Make-A-Wish foundation, got to ride around in a custom-built R2D2 shows he's got more imagination than I ever had.
- A collection of Soviet-era space-station propaganda posters shows in at least one image that the USSR was either in league with the Daleks or had a plan to shoot them into space.
- Have some strategy and sword-swinging fun with Samurai Sweeper. It's a combination of wargame and Minesweeper as you hunt down the bad guy in each province, explore & fight, buy upgrades, and save the land.
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Now I wonder if the "Blackstar Key" that is needed to finish Wasteland was a pop culture reference to the Blackstar cartoon.

And I'm sceptical of Brian Fargo's ability to make a Wasteland II that I would enjoy. Partly because Wasteland was a long time ago, with a different crew. And partly because I don't enjoy games as much as I used to. And while I can certainly enjoy some old school games, it's not really the "old school" quality that is the appeal. That's just something I put up with to get at the world, gameplay or whatever else it is that makes me want to play. (But it's probably the world. I like to spend time in various game worlds. Gameplay is mostly there to give me something interesting to do while I'm soaking up the vibes.)
I just finished reading all 10+ years of Nodwick, PS238 and FFN archives.
Wow, that's quite a prolific body of work!
As much as I greatly enjoyed the stories behind FFN and Nodwick, for whatever reason I'm more invested in the characters in PS238.
Do you have RSS feeds for updates?