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How do they always know the bowl is going to be super?

I really don't see why they have to interrupt our yearly National Short Film Festival with all those lengthy ads for a football game, but I guess it's traditional by now. The one that I liked the best was the trailer for The Avengers, now with over 40 more seconds of footage than the trailer's teaser had. Then there's this post-apocalyptic truck ad that's got Ford demanding an apology. I'm wondering if Hostess had to pay Chevy for the additional product placement or if it was the other way around? Then there's another trailer for G.I. Joe: Better Than The Previous Movie, though I find the slow-groove hip-hop they used to underscore the action a little less than adrenalin-pumping. Speaking of music, a cover of Led Zepplin's "Kashmir" was used for some reason in the trailer for John Carter. Other than the presentation being less enthralling than the previous trailers, does anyone else think having the line "You are John Carter of Earth?" was meant as a poke at those who want "of Mars" on the end of the film's title? Finally, I was reminded of why I don't watch the History Channel, as they promoted a show called Swamp People, of which this will be the third season. I wondered if false advertising laws could apply to cable channels, but I realized that if they did, MTV would probably have had to change its name a long time ago. Anyway, all of the ads can be seen in various places around the net, with this one having some descriptions of the commercials so you get an idea of if you want to click through and watch.

I didn't watch or listen to the news yet, but in a scientific simulation of the Superbowl via a popular gaming engine, the outcome looked pretty inevitable to me. :)

If the Avengers spot above has you in the mood for more modern comic-book movies or TV shows, this next fan-made image might be right up your alley. If you thought Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't possibly be any more of a geek icon, imagine if this were to happen. Maybe if someone got Benedict's phone number to Neil Gaiman, it could happen? I realize this would cut down each season of Sherlock from three episodes to maybe one and a quarter, but I might be able to live with that.

I loves me some creepy. I also loves me some SCP Foundation, which often has readily-available portions. Take, for example, (language warning on the text of the three "document" links at the bottom of the page) SCP-087, an anomalous entity/location that I'd love to know more about, yet wouldn't want to know more about, because that often destroys the creepy... unless it's something even more inexplicable and, potentially, horrific. Anyway, I bring this up because there's work afoot on a game based on this SCP. Here's some YouTube footage to cower before (no screaming if you're watching it at work). Yes, it's long, but that builds atmosphere. And yes, you can just fast-forward to the last minute or so. Anyway, there's a download link in the extended description, and it looks like this dark time-waster may get some more attention and become an actual game in the near future. Given what happens to the D-Class personnel that enter the stairwell, I'm not sure there's a way to win, even if you escape (the phrase "monthly termination" is part of being a D-Class at the Foundation).

If there are any typos or mis-keyed bits in this entry, chalk it up to me coming down with a head cold. Or rather, me catching the head cold my kid gave it to me. I think it happened when he coughed into my right eyeball, while it was open. This may add some extra comedy when I record the next Interrupt Request, but in the meantime, here's another Skyrim series that's got an interesting premise: A guy is trying to get through the game playing as a pacifist monk. I'm not sure how he'll make out in the endgame, but since the last Elder Scrolls game was often more fun if you left the main quest alone, perhaps that won't be too big an issue. As for my own show, I don't know when we'll get to it, but eventually I'll have an episode featuring the biggest idiot in Skyrim. Really, his actions are worthy of a drunken player character at 3AM who can't remember if he's playing D&D or craps. So let me get through all that "plot" stuff to get to him, and while I'm off doing that, here's the awaited dumping of links:

- Attention, BBC. You could do worse than make this fan-made 50th anniversary trailer the official one.
- Here's 5 free printable board games, including a Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who game. It's even more free if you use a printer at work.
- If you don't have a printer and still want a free game, here's one called French Toast, though I could see play lasting for hours or until an argument broke out.
- The British World Carrot Museum has a collection of carrots as they've appeared in ancient manuscripts. I wonder if there's a rivalry with the Belgian Carrot Museum mentioned at about 1:26 of this clip from Q.I. about (in part) carrots.
- Electromagnetic is a game where you're a metal ball that can use energy to magnetize yourself to walls in order to escape each level. Like you do.
- If critiquing the Twilight novels is best done with both a hard look at the story as well as the actual structure of the text, then Reasoning With Vampires is a site you'll want to peruse.
- As a valuable object lesson to why people often turn to piracy and why "always-on internet" is a bad idea for DRM on games, your legal Ubisoft games won't work on Tuesday for an undetermined period of time.
- But not all is doom & gloom on Tuesday, as that's when the Skyrim Creation Kit launches.
- With an "occasional naughty word in text" warning, here's a great Star Trek re-edited series called What's in Spock's Scanner?. There's a part two and a part three. Another warning: Don't google the text you see on the main viewscreen that starts with "MFX." If you know about an infamous shock-clip concerning a cup and two women... that's all you need.
- The rock group Queen is going to tour again, and they've found a new lead singer for the occasion. There's an audio montage of him doing a Queen medley in that link, and while it's not Freddie, it's not all that bad...
- A 23-year-old Taiwanese League of Legends player died of a heart attack in one of Taiwan's internet cafes and nobody noticed for 9 hours. Protip: Getting up and moving around is not only good for your health, doing so regularly increase the chance your death will be noticed promptly.
- This dog loves ping-pong. That's all that needs to be said, really.
- It's the closest flash toy to having "The Total Perspective Vortex" from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and it's called Scale of the Universe 2. Use the slider bar to see just how insignificantly small just about everything that isn't the universe is.
- Back down to the little things that drive us with Greedy Ghouls. You're a gun-toting ghost (why not?) who gets money for shooting things and completing tasks while buying upgrades and other devices to shoot more things.
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