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Who watches who watched the Watchmen before they were Watchmen?

I'm thoroughly convinced that if someone made a successful film that began with the very first moment that time existed, someone somewhere would eventually suggest that a prequel be made. The one that's probably on most readers' radar is the prequel comics to Watchmen that are coming out. There are quotes in that link from Alan Moore (though I imagine they were edited for swearing) who, naturally, doesn't care for the idea. I have to say I would give a smile if a preq-comic featuring Doc Manhattan was subtitled When I Wore Pants. Another pre-original production is a prequel to Jackie Brown. While it's based on a novel that's a prequel to the one Jackie was based on, the real difficulty (no offense to Mos Def) is going to be playing a younger Samuel L. Jackson. Though perhaps the biggest prequel that's going to raise ire is one that's been around for a while, The Phantom Menace, only now it's in 3D. If you didn't care for the movie before, this presumably kid-oriented trailer for the movie doesn't do anything to redeem it, especially with voiceover guy narrating the clips. They also manage to make Darth Maul, who's been called the best thing about the movie, look as dignified as if he'd slipped on a banana peel.

In the interests of fairness, an editorial took people to task for complaining that Star Wars is being marketed to kids. That's not my complaint at all. In fact, I'd love it if the prequels had been more kid-friendly in some respects, as my own son is starting to learn what spaceships are and how cool they can be. My complaints are largely about the script, the acting (or direction, probably), and the large amount of stuff in them I would think twice before showing to a child: Darth Maul's death, the eventual creepy "love story," the padawan massacre, the dismemberment, etc. Sure, kids can enjoy "The Phantom Menace," and many do. I just don't think they'll still like it the way fans like the original trilogy years later. Time (and however many other versions of the films are released) will tell, I suppose.

One more potential prequel, though it's not been set in stone, could be Mass Effect 4. I believe I read somewhere that BioWare was "done" with Shepard, so maybe we'll see someone new in the lead role? Dare I hope for a (small language warning) Blasto the Hanar Spectre game?

Speaking of games which are video, here's the long-awaited fourth episode of Interrupt Request. Long-awaited for many reasons, one of which is how long it takes just to get around before you find enough locations to use fast-travel effectively. This is one of the more heavily-edited episodes, just to avoid long stretches o' nothing... and lots of death via gravity. Whoops. Where's a pegasus when you really need one? Or a large-ish tameable mountain goat?

Now I'm going back to scripting some Epic Campain, which will have the cast's first entanglement with an honest-to-Gygax adventure module that Wizards of the Coast will be highlighting in a month or two. I'll reveal more when I can, but it deals with a villainous outfit familiar to just about every version of D&D, and no, it's not Vecna (though who knows what eventually may be requested of our heroes?). On a related note, if I ever learn how to use a soldering iron and voltmeter properly, this may wind up replacing all of my dice, unless the air conditioning breaks down. Sure, all those smartphone dice-rolling apps are cool, but that beats even the venerable Dragonbone for tabletop cred... doesn't it?

While I decide if I'm just looking for a replacement for that faulty Pip-Boy clock that would've probably burned down my house, here's some amusements to get your weekend started:

- If you recently watched Groundhog Day and were wondering about some of the thinking behind the Bill Murray classic, this article tells you how the writers explained his time loop in an early draft along with how long he was supposedly looping, from his point of view.
- The future of electric cars might just have gotten a bit brighter thanks to the technobabble-sounding principle of magnetic resonance coupling, which would charge your car as you drove.
- A rather dull game I saw on special led me to note that most rather dull games that simulate less-than-glamorous jobs involving large machines seem to come from one publisher.
- If you've got a shipping palette and don't know what to do with it, here are twenty suggestions.
- Herd animals and terminal velocity make for great games, right? In Parasheeps, you try to get the best off-the-mark time and the longest free-fall before opening your parachute.
- Wired's "Geekdad" finds some old footage of him and his buds playing D&D from 1981 and waxes eloquent about what the game meant to him.
- Your geek-art for the day comes in the form of Superhero Shadows, a series of silhouettes that should be familiar to all.
- Video games are more expensive than I thought.
- Who's up for colonizing another world? We've found one that might support life about 22 light years away!
- In what sounds like a crime committed in a dystopian future, a man was arrested for stealing several tons of glacial ice for use in expensive tourist-targeted drinks.
- A pair of Skyrim videos: One is a rock remix of the theme, and the other is just a kind of weird animated short, which is par for the course if you've seen that guy's work before.
- More musical stuff in the form of a Tumblr called From Out Of Nowhere, where the site owner is embarking on a 30+ day project of listening to the discography of Chicago.
- And now for something completely different: A cathedral made up of 55,000 LED lights.
- Assuming he survived the crash many centuries ago, someone should tell Han Solo's descendents that we've found where he parked the Falcon.
- From the "remember to entertain before you start smashing your audience with your message" files, it looks like the second movie in an Atlas Shrugged trilogy is going ahead in spite of the previous movie's performance.
- Cook your mental processors with Adynatopia. It's not much for graphics and animation, but it's got some of the better optical illusion playfields I've seen.
- Test how clean your monitor is with what's sure to be 2012's game of the year, Where's The Pixel?
- But we save the final spot for one of my favorite launch-n-upgrade game franchises. It's Burrito Bison: Revenge! Apparently, when he escaped from gummi-land last episode, someone had stolen his wallet and he returns for some payback.
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