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I'm going to kill YouTube, I just know it. So here's what I'm thinking of doing: I'm considering doing a kind of "Let's Play" feature using a playthrough of Skyrim. I've got a copy of Fraps, I've got a really decent microphone, pop shield, preamp, and a separate computer to record my dialog with. I've got enough familiarity with editing software that I think I can pull a few visual gags, and I've even got a kind of schtick to bring to the show (great Zarquon, I'm already calling it a show) that doesn't ape Yahtzee but still entertains. My two-year-old son will also be making appearances in random places, which reflects how he often visits me during the workday. This is all assuming I can get it to work without totally bankrupting my productivity on other things that I have a reasonable expectation of generating income from. True, YouTube vids can get ad revenue, but this assumes what I come up with will be good enough to appeal to viewers as yay, funny or bad enough to appeal to viewers as yay, trainwreck. I'll be testing my equipment in a few days once I get everything together, so assuming my computer can handle what I'm about to do with it... we'll see something that I'll probably regret someday. Josh, too, but he's a minor and can blame me for the fallout. Rest assured he won't be seeing anything traumatic. In fact, that's the basis for what I hope becomes a running gag.

By the way, if you've considered the idea that this is at least partly a plot on my part to find a "legitimate" way to play a video game, you're right.

So here's something about the Cars franchise that never struck me until now. They use a non-traditional presentation of how eyes on cartoon cars are portrayed. I hadn't even considered this, and I grew up on pretty much every cartoon car (even the Tex Avery ones he mentions, though he leaves out that Avery's planes used windshield-eyes, too, but they lack headlights to begin with). I'd say Pixar is taking advantage of the appeal of larger cartoonish eyes, and they also make expressions easier to read at a distance. I may have blotted this out over a kids' book series we got for Josh that centers on vehicles. In them, cars (or at least the taxis) have faces both on the front and the rear, which opens up whole new rafts of questions for me.

Moviehole has all the details about the Munsters pilot, which sounds like Teen Wolf (the Michael J. Fox version) mixed with a book of dark fairy tales for the rest of the family. At least it's not a sit-com. Maybe it'll be good, but maybe it's too late for yet another supernatural show to fit into the already fang-saturated landscape, even if it's got a recognizable brand name slapped on it. The funny thing is, the Grandpa-Lily-Herman relationship they talk about sounds compelling enough to stand on its own without having Eddie's lycanthropy as part of the mix and could be interesting enough to have been something other than a repackaged The Munsters. What's worse, Bryan Pushing Daisies Fuller came up with it so I'll have to at least see the first episode. I suppose we'll know if the ratings are good if they pop for some new Munster vehicles. Again, while it might be decent or not-awful, this kind of thing almost makes me think that Fred Gwynne was being more than a little prophetic in one of his last movie roles when he said, as Jud Crandall, "Sometimes, dead is better."

One of the reasons I like games on the PC over console is the relative (and that's very relative at times) ease at which you can mod games. has posted a video of the players' choices of the top ten 2011 game mods. You may already own one or more of the titles featured (like Half Life 2, which scores three of the mods listed) or can get them for cheap at your online game supplier of choice. Then there's the editors' mods of choice for 2011, which have categories of "winners" rather than a straight top ten. Again, Half Life 2 figures heavily, but now I may have to pick up Amnesia just to see what that "White Knight" thing is about. And... that one for Oblivion, I guess. Though that means downloading a ton of other mods so the faces don't give me my kid nightmares. :)

Before we get to the links, it looks like I fell for an un-truth from the internet. It turns out there are no Mayan ruins in Georgia. What's worse, the site the article comes from has the same level of veracity as The Weekly World News. So if I ever link to it again, just treat it as something you might find in the files of the SCP Foundation, at best. Now that I've Mia'ed my Culpas, here's some stuff that hopefully isn't as loaded with veracity as the saga of Bat Boy:

- I'd see these cookies as less of a winter-holiday thing and more of an early springtime treat that reminds you it won't stay cold for long.
- My wife says she's known about this craft idea forever, but I'd never seen a hula-hoop rug before.
- Adding to my "if I ever have more money than sense" list, here's this amazing sphere-car I'd like to have in my driveway. It looks like it's from a Fallout game to me, but that could just be due to the fact it looks a lot like a "Mr. Handy" robot.
- This game may seem daunting, but I found it quite easy to beat. That said, Star Lost is a fun resource-gathering spaceship-upgrading game that quickly becomes pretty casual if you mine everything in the first few sectors, getting all the best equipment early on.
- I'm guessing these will be at more than one convention in 2012: Star Wars bottled water.
- While not a conclusive list containing all possible data, these were likely among the most popular torrent searches in 2011. It's amazing that one Vin Diesel movie is still popular enough to reach #5.
- Here's your impressive Minecraft sculpture of the day. Should you have a construct like that and want a real-world version, download Mineways, render it, and then upload it to the suggested 3D printing service.
- A certain video game meme is still managing to amuse, showing up in an unexpected way and in one I should've seen coming.
- If you've always wanted your own prototype A-12 Avenger II stealth plane, you can start by purchasing the canopy on eBay. It'd also make an amazing sunroof on a minivan.
- It's in slideshow format, but the 100 Worlds Project has some pretty cool globe-inspired artworks that would look at home in almost any decent sci-fi movie.
- The thread started in 2002 but saw a flurry of activity late this year, so that makes the Straight Dope's "Stupid D&D Tricks" both historical and topical, right?
- The writer of the UK television series, The Fades talks about the show's first season and about the upcoming second one.
- From what I gather, the concept of "Sonic the Hedgehog, running dumb" started as an art request and snowballed into an entire image blog. It's all SFW, near as I can tell, though at least one image contains a Sonic with large moobs. My favorite is one where someone built and filmed an actual puppet for their contribution.
- Here's a leftover and over and over and over that made some good happen. A Kroger fruitcake made in 1941 sold for $525 which went to charity.
- It's apparently sold out, but you can scroll down and enjoy the comments left for this reasonably-priced HDMI cable. :)
- Verge is a puzzle-platformer where you avoid/kill monsters, but the normally hazardous spike-clusters are ways for you to travel to a netherworld that you use to bypass obstacles in the "real" one.
- The plasma toothbrush might sound painful, but if it works, it promises pain-free cleaning and filling of cavities. I'm sure it'll still cost a fortune on your insurance, but hey... plasma!
- A round-shaped oat-based cereal offered a method for how to become a certain cowled superhero, but didn't think the instructions through.
- Now a relaxing, lush game with puzzles and some amazing presentation: William and Sly 2 has you controlling a fox with the mission of retrieving William's gnome-scattered journal pages, getting new abilities, and discovering new quests.
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